Loving that extra step

Excerpt: Anyone in animal welfare remembers that turning point in which their lives changed forever. Kenny Lamberti recalls how he got started in animal welfare, with a dog named Yoyo and a dog trainer turned mentor that recognized something special.

“In 1999, a stubby little brindle dog followed me on a 5-mile run through my neighborhood in Boston. He had no collar, tags or manners, but he made me laugh and was a great running companion, so I took him home. This 45-pound ball of energy needed …”

Continue reading this story of tears, love, death, compassion, rebirth and renewal in the animal sheltering website blog post … Taking that extra step


“We have the ability to shape and mold new animal advocates every day. Let’s shape compassionate ones.”

~ Kenneth Lamberti



There is much we can learn through our connection with animals. To love, to lose, to help,  to cherish, to serve.

Loving an animal unconditionally just as he/she loves us is a model for humanity … and in fact the highest form of humanity.

Let’s be sure that our aspiration becomes our reality.







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