Maine Veteran’s Home – Scarborough to adopt a new Pup

In our travels, Gabriel and I have connected with many passion-fueled people focused on ensuring an optimal connection between animals and people in order to benefit each.

Maureen D. Carland, MA, RN-BSN, NHA, Administrator, Maine Veterans Home (MVH), in Scarborough, Maine, is one of these people.


And yes I was thrilled to hear the following from Maureen, “We love pets at MVH-S.  We are preparing to have a ‘permanent’ dog move in on our long term care unit.”

What a benefit for all concerned … for patients and families, for staff, for clinicians, for the community, and for the soon to be loved pup.

Congratulations Maureen and MVH-S community. Gabriel and I look forward to meeting your new pup.

And in the meantime, Gabriel will wear his MVH gear proudly.

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