The Loneliest One (poem)

Fogged sadnessed eyes
Dark misted skies

Fur wrapped heart
Coeur warmth sought

Curled shaking tail
Tormented onyxed flail

Abandoned forgotten soul
Cage tormented Sheol

Hope virtually lost
Innocent damned crossed

A cold impound dove
Simply seeking love

Gaze upon one must
Our heart we must trust

The cute puppy … yes
And yet another to bless

Where is the loneliest one we say
Over there she lay

Walk and kneel we do
The cold hard cement our pew

Oh you poor thing we cry
As we look to the sky

Come here my good girl
Our mind beginning to swirl

Please lift your head
I will hold you out of the dread

No more hurt for you
My love for you be true

No more harrow dark haze
I will cherish rest of your days

But please don’t be misled my dear
It was my heart sear

It is you saving me
Lifting my soul setting free

I thank you with all of my heart
This is actually my new start

No more the loneliest one
Together agape in the Sun


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