Wolf Sanctuary Helps Military Veterans Heal From PTSD

via LA Weekly

“Wolves, it seems, are mostly misunderstood. Equally misunderstood in American culture is the war veteran. In recent years, talk of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has finally made its way to the mainstream, but there’s a gaping chasm between talk and actually understanding how and where vets fit into our society postcombat; consider that 22 vets take their own lives every day in this country.”

“As caught in filmmaker Riccardo Ferraris’ new documentary The War in Between, Simmons, a Navy vet himself, uses LARC as a mutual rehabilitation center. Men and women from all over apply for this program, where they will work every day feeding and tending to the wolves while developing relationships with the animals. In the film, Ferraris shows Simmons reading through just a sampling of emails from prospective candidates — many of whom are homeless — and each letter is heartbreaking.”

“‘Someone applying for a program like this, it’s the last chance,’ Ferraris says. ‘They already went to a psychologist, to PTSD classes, took drugs. There’s no other reason…”


170413 wolf2




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