Myles of Smiles crosses the Rainbow Bridge but leaves a Legacy

When the amazing Kristin Sunanta Walker shared the following, I immediately asked if I could add here to P.E.T.S. And am so grateful she said “YES!” …

Hey…some of you knew my therapy dog Myles.

He was a border collie and spent seven years with me going to psych hospitals, classrooms with “problem” kids (the best kids), flying across the country to teach counselors why therapy dogs are important to use with patients, and helping kids with speech impediments with their reading.

We put a ton of miles on together.

He had so many people crying into his neck.

So many stories.

I have to put them all in a book because he was the best.

Never had a dog who received a commendation for his contribution to society. I loved the letter from the hospital. He loved the bag of fresh tennis balls and dog treats that came with it.

He just turned 14 this month and sadly a loud fire alarm went off which made him have a seizure – he was really sensitive about alarms. He fell from the seizure and his hips (which were already giving him trouble) went out and he couldn’t recover.

Never easy to say goodbye to your pet. Hard to say goodbye to one that was also your work colleague.

So glad he was a part of educating people in mental health about therapy animals. When he did it, it was definitely not popular at all. We had to do a lot of convincing.

Miss him. Hug your four legged besties out there. They make this world a better place and hopefully you get to see them again on the other side.

190118 myles head-1fedd9b995

To learn more, please reach out to Kristin at

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